About me

Hey reader!

My name is Casey and I own and run various online businesses from the comfort of my own home. I used to work the traditional 9-5 until I came to a sudden realisation that I was actually wasting my life away, sitting at an office desk.

This realisation spawned a desire to live life on my own terms. To not have to work for the man and be geographically tied to any particular location.

I searched and searched online for income opportunities and inevitably came across a lot of the hypey and scammy nonsense that is advertised out here on the web. You know the ones… “make $3000 in one day” sorta thing. The internet is full of make money online scams, yet there are thousands of people making an absolute killing online.

I took all the online business courses that I could find and empowered myself with the knowledge and skill sets required to succeed online.

Fast forward a couple of years and my life has never been so abundant. I work for myself. I’m self-reliant. I live life on my own terms. I make more in a month than what most people make in a year!

Having this online success inspired me to share the information that I obtained.

Hence i’ve created this website…

Cases Home Business Advice has been created to provide actionable tips for starting and running a business from home in 2016. This website has been created as a direct result of becoming a successful home-business owner myself. I now have the desire to share the information that I used to get my start online.

The internet provides abundant opportunities for anyone with basic computer skills to start a profitable home-based business. I aim to help people get their start online by posting useful home-business advice including the exact steps that I have used myself to generate a significant income online.